2016 CDF Scholarship Recipient: Debbie Schmidt

Congratulations to Debbie Schmidt!  Debbie Schmidt is the 2016 CDF Scholarship Recipient!  This $500 CDF scholarship is offered by the Wisconsin Career Development Association (WCDA) in memory of Roger Gantzarow.  This generous scholarship is exclusively for the NCDA Career Development Facilitator (CDF) course.

WCDA is currently accepting applications for the 2017 CDF Scholarship.

About Marie Smith

Marie Smith specializes in helping people gain clarity, explore options, leverage strengths, and set and implement goals with accountability. She is creative, intuitive, and incredibly resourceful. She serves on the board of directors, the professional development committee, and the technology committee for the Wisconsin Career Development Association. Marie Smith teaches the Facilitating Career Development program for the National Career Development Association http://facilitatingcareerdevelopment.com/