WCDA Member Spotlight: Abby Brendemuehl


Name: Abby Brendemuehl

What is your favorite part about being a career development professional? I enjoy working with adolescents on their career development as they are just beginning to discover their identities and true selves. It is fun to watch as they discover new interests and sort through limitless possibilities for their futures.

What is your specialty within the career development profession? I’m a graduate student at Mount Mary University in the School Counseling program. The majority of my professional experience is with the adolescent population. I currently work in mental healthcare.

Favorite career development resource: I think the Career Cruising website for Wisconsin students is a really valuable resource. While navigating the website, students have an opportunity to use their interests to develop ideas about potential majors, what careers are typically linked to those majors, and what local universities offer them. They can explore salaries, job requirements, and local businesses that offer positions related to their interests. I find that the website is full of valuable information.

Favorite assessment tool: I like the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. I think it is a helpful resource to help us learn about our strengths and weaknesses. I believe really knowing ourselves, our psychological preferences and how we perceive the world can lead us to making career decisions that are sustainable and fulfilling. It’s also fun to learn a bit about what makes us unique.


  • Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Book: Harry Potter series
  • Color: Yellow
  • Song: Sweet Caroline
  • Food: Sushi
  • TV Show: New Girl
  • Game: Scattegories

Hobbies: I love to travel and make a point to visit new cities as often as possible, especially if they’re out of the country.

Favorite Quote:  “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made… It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.” – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

What type of social media do you use? I use just about all venues of social media. Professionally I use LinkedIn.

Position Title: Behavioral Specialist

Education: BA in Psychology and Journalism & Mass Communication from UW-Madison, currently attending Mount Mary University for my MS in Counseling 

Training and Certifications: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, CBRF First Aid & Choking, Adult, Child, Infant CPR, CBRF Medication Administration Training

About Marie Smith

Marie Smith specializes in helping people gain clarity, explore options, leverage strengths, and set and implement goals with accountability. She is creative, intuitive, and incredibly resourceful. She serves on the board of directors, the professional development committee, and the technology committee for the Wisconsin Career Development Association. Marie Smith teaches the Facilitating Career Development program for the National Career Development Association http://facilitatingcareerdevelopment.com/