WCDA Member Spotlight: Jason Brown


Name: Jason Brown

Favorite Quote: “Those who have a ‘why’ to live can bear with almost any ‘how’.” –Victor Frankl


Movie: Remember the Titans

Book: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

Color: Blue

Song: What’s Goin On, Marvin Gaye

Food: Cheesecake

TV Show: Sense8

Games: Football (sports) and Risk (board game)

Hobbies: I enjoy trying new recipes and cooking them for myself and others. I can’t stay away from discussing and consuming information about professional football and basketball.

What is your favorite part about being a career development professional? I greatly value the relationship I get to build with students. Especially being able to collaborate with them as they navigate work, which is such a central aspect of life.

What is your specialty within the career development profession? I work with college students and alumni. As a career counselor, I specialize in working with students who have not declared a major and with students in the social sciences and humanities.

Favorite piece of technology: I like any kind of portable technology. I love using cloud file storage to access documents across all of my devices. If I have an idea about career programming during my commute, I can create an audio note on Evernote using my smartphone, refine the note in text on Evernote desktop on my work computer, and then discuss it with others during meetings on my tablet Evernote app.

Favorite career development resource: As a graduate intern at UW-Madison, there was a publication that circulated through the office. There was an article about an interview tool called the “Story Bank”, which is a t-table that helps interviewees organize their skills and experiences based on their personal stories. I’ve utilized this tool since my graduate internship and grown to value various tools, techniques, theories, and resources that can help others use narrative to manage their career development.

Advice you have for fellow career development practitioners: Focus on the relationship and trust the process. In some of my most difficult moments working with individuals in their career development, I did not always have the answer, or the best tool, or the best resource, or the most eloquent response. The best outcomes to these situations were based upon my ability to build a transparent, collaborative, and trusting relationship.

Advice you have for students/clients: It’s okay to be uncertain. Make it a point in your life to actively engage in your career development and exploration.

Favorite assessment tool: StrengthsQuest/StrengthsFinder The StrengthsQuest, which assumes we all have talents, formalizes a tendency I already have, which is realizing the potential of others.

What type of technology do you use? I like using social media to consume information to stay current with my field, current events, and pop culture. Otherwise, I have various apps that I use quite often on my tablet and smartphone: Podcast Addict, Overdrive and Audible, and Evernote, to name a few.

What type of social media do you use? Though I do not tweet often, Twitter is a favorite of mine. Otherwise, LinkedIn has been useful to connect with others and I’m a 10+ year user of Facebook.

Social Media Links:

LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn.com/in/sjasonbrown

Twitter: @sdotjason

Tell us one skill that you can teach to others? How to cook a wonderful meal!

Position Title: Career Counselor

Employer: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


Howard University, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, May 2009

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Masters of Science in Counseling, September 2011

Training and Certifications:

Certified Strong Interest Inventory

Trained to administer StrengthQuest


About Marie Smith

Marie Smith specializes in helping people gain clarity, explore options, leverage strengths, and set and implement goals with accountability. She is creative, intuitive, and incredibly resourceful. She serves on the board of directors, the professional development committee, and the technology committee for the Wisconsin Career Development Association. Marie Smith teaches the Facilitating Career Development program for the National Career Development Association http://facilitatingcareerdevelopment.com/